Rewards and Organization

I normally just don’t post videos, but Sheng Ho shared this in his google reader and my interest was piqued. It is 10 minutes and I watched the whole thing – something that is rare for me. See the connections to teaching?

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  1. What an intriguing way to annotate a presentation. Thanks for cross-posting. I think High School is largely based on the belief in carrots and sticks.

    1. That was Daniel Pink, right? I tried to send a TED talk of his to our Department of Education regarding merit pay for teachers. It was basically the same as this one (less the cool animation), the response I got was “thanks for your input, the Sec. of Education thinks you’re really neat but we couldn’t open your link.”

  2. On the topic of merit pay and monetary incentives, just today I saw a video which mentioned that higher pay only makes for higher contentment until one’s lifestyle is good enough already ($60,000 was the figure put out).

    So not only does more money NOT result in better results for the employer, but it doesn’t seem to have much of an advantage for the employee either…

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