Today is graduation for our kids. It’s also officially going to be three years under my belt. You know, as much as I’m feeling very little nostalgia about the year ending, I’m also finally feeling pretty solid with the year. My despair has lessened. I think I did some good for some great kids, and you know what, I’m very okay with that. I implemented an organizational system in Algebra II, I got some pretty spectacular final projects in multivariable calculus, I did the algebra bootcamps in calculus. I also finished my 2 year term on the Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee and finished off my second year as faculty representative on the Student-Faculty Judiciary Committee. I agreed to take over that committee next year. I got the number of students taking the American Math Competition from around 15 to over 100. It’s been pretty good. I’m not nostalgic, but after taking stock, I now don’t feel like this year was wasted — that I should have done more and better.

Happy graduation to me.


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