Join in the 4 photos fun

So Kate Nowak and I created a site where we are going to post the 4 photos idea. You know, the idea that by seeing someone’s fridge, wallet, bookshelves, and computer desktop, you can decide whether you want to date ’em. Or hang out with ’em. Because, we aver, you probably can tell so much about a person, their interests, their personalities, their habits, they’re style, from these pics.

My embarrassing photos are here. (Click each photo.) Clearly you know I’m totes awesome. You know…  those take out rice containers in the fridge, the red plastic lobster on the bookshelf… WINNER!

So yeah, if you want to be included in this little adventure, just email your four (or more) photos to Then Kate or I will put them on a page. More likely Kate.


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