Guest Post: Conics Project

This is a guest post from my friend Liz Wolf.


“The conics section comes at a tough time in our curriculum.  It’s a few weeks after Spring Break, and kids are always antsy in class and have major spring fever.  I wanted a way to make conics less abstract and show the kids how often they come up in every day life.  I came up with a project that not only got them outside, but also got them looking at things in a different way.  The photo of the water droplet on the swing set was my favorite.  The students really embraced this and I was impressed with how well they embraced GeoGebra having never used it before.”


Below are some examples of final products from her class, and the instruction sheet she used.





Update: Liz sent me her Geogebra instruction sheet!



  1. This looks like a great project! Would it be possible to also post the Geogebra instructions as well? Or point us to her class website?

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