This is one of those days where the one good thing was hard to find. I had to reprimand one class for not doing their work at home, I am having to deal with juggling because a ton of students have been out, I’m dealing with a lot of this and that, and I have a HUGE amount on my plate for this weekend. Like: impossibly large amount of stuff to do. So my anxiety is through the roof. And, yes, I have that tickle in the back of my throat which could mean something or it could mean nothing.

But that’s precisely why we need this blog. So I’m going to post some of the small good things that happened. None of them were GOOD (like, enough to undo my stress) but they were positive.

(1) Another multivariable calculus student turned in her aweeeeesome 3D function which is aweeesome possum…Image


(2) Some kids were really excited about showing me some of the stuff they did for their roller coasters in their calculus projects (which were due today).

(3) I took over a colleagues precalculus class while she took my multivariable calc kids (and one of her classes) to the Museum of Mathematics… and her kids were working on the same project mine are (the family of curves project). Her kids were soooo into it and were coming up with some stunning, beyond stunning in fact, pieces of artwork.

(4) A former kid who served for all my years on the SFJC came back to visit and we caught up after school. It was nice to hear what exciting things he has planned in the next five months!

That’s about it. When I’m overwhelmed and overextended, and when a lot of kids have their own things I’m dealing with, I can’t appreciate these small moments. So I am glad I took the time to force myself to think of these small moments, in a sea of mediocre ones.


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