Add yourself to the MTBoS Directory!

Jed Butler (@mathbutler, blog), in the past week or two, has worked to create a beautiful directory for math teachers who use twitter and who blog. We have had a few spreadsheets out there trying to do the same thing, but they tend to get outdated and lost. This directory is the real deal.

The point of this post is to get you to add yourself to the directory. If you’re already convinced, do it now. If not, read on to why you ought to…


It not only is beautiful, simple, and sleek, but it has the following features which blew me away:

(1) For each person, it creates a little index-card-like profile, which not only has our twitter picture on it but also has links with our interests. I confuse people easily (and really, why are 30% of math teachers named Chris?), and having a little picture icon, and all of their information easy for me to look at is going to be so so so helpful.


(2) It has a map which each person in the directory can easily add themselves to, and this map is searchable. I can, for example, zoom into NYC to see who the NYC educators are… or type my friend’s name into the search bar to remind myself which part of the country (world!) they are in.


(3) The directory itself is crazy searchable. Say you wanted to find teachers who have been teaching since 2000 who are in the Northeast US who teach Geometry and are interested in Groupwork. Done.


(4) If you want to quickly update your information, you can… no muss no fuss it is super easy!

Which is all to say: take 5 minutes and add yourself to the directory.


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