Multivariable Calculus Problem Sets

As you probably know, I’m teaching Multivariable Calculus this year, and I came into the course with a vision: a collaborative, problem-solved based class, where students aren’t motivated by exams and grades, but rather by the challenge of thinking for themselves.

(Of course, getting really great, full-of-personality students helps too!)

The problem sets seem to be working out well. (As of now, I’ve gotten or adapted most of the questions from Anton; but I’m going to be integrating more questions from other sources.) At the end of the course, I’ll probably post them all my Multivariable Calculus Website, but for now I’ll post what they’ve been given:


Of course I’ll be asking my students to reflect about this course, and the problem sets, and the very different setup. I’m more than curious as to what they’re going to say. I’m also hoping to get permission from my students to scan in their solutions, so you can see the evolution (or not) of how my students communicate mathematics.

You can see two of my favorite problem set problems below.



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