One Good Thing

A short post:

For those of you who don’t know, Rachel Kernodle (@rdkpickle has started a group blog called “one good thing.” She wrote about it here, and you can visit the blog here.


The idea is that even in the most frustratingly upsetting days as teachers, there is at least one good thing that happens — as long as you keep your eyes open to it. We may feel we suck, we may get all arrrrgh at students, a lot of random stress can take over and fill us with anxiety… and we get our blinders on, and lose sight of the bigger picture. Looking for one good thing each day helps us see the bigger picture when our vision narrows. And it also helps us archive the little moments, which are oh so important!

Right now there are about 7 authors posting regularly. This is one of the many projects that math teachers have going on (others are here)! I know Rachel wants to invite others who want to contribute regularly or semi-regularly to join in (it’s not an exclusive club!) — so she said you can throw your email in the comments here in the next couple days and she’ll add you as an author to the blog. Or you can tweet her to get added or find out more information. That simple!

What’s nice is this blog will soon be populated with a million little stories from a bunch of (math) teachers all around the world. A beautiful pastiche of why we teach, with concrete, on-the-ground examples.

(My entries on the “one good thing” blog are archived here.)



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