Families of Curves #2

So today I started the Family of Curves project in Precalculus. Students are going to be given three in class days to work on this, and about a week or two of out-of-class to finish it on their own.

I started class showing around 4 or 5 minutes of this Vi Hart video with no introduction:

Then I showed a whole bunch of pictures… of tessellations, Escher prints, one of the things they were going to be creating on geogebra [but without telling them it was not a famous artist], and a few beautiful prints and the website for Geometry Daily.

Then I had them take out their laptops, and just get started working on Geogebra. The packet below takes them through the sequence command, and then shows them how the sequence command can create a family of curves…

Here’s the instructions getting kids started on Geogebra and what’s expected of them…


Note: My kids are getting more and more fluent with Geogebra… We have been using it on-and-off all year at various times.

They were silently working the entire class. I put on some music, and they started talking a bit. But since it’s an individual project, I suppose I can’t expect a lot of talking. Some kids have been asking me “how do you make circles?” and one student asked me how to fill in circles…

It took them pretty much the whole day today to do the geogebra introductory stuffs, so they didn’t all get to play around with their own functions. I expect tomorrow will be pretty awesome to watch them tinker and explore, and get cool things.

I don’t know if they are “into” this yet. I’ll see if I get any anecdotal evidence tomorrow.



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