Favorite Tweets

A list of some of my favorite tweets, chronologically listed from long ago to today…

calcdave How often do I have to slow down when writing sec x to make sure nothing distracting goes on the board?

k8nowak @calcdave one time I taught a whole volume/surface area problem about a “10 inch rod” before I noticed the whole precalc class was DYING.

samjshah one of my advisees asked me what 111,111,111 times 111,111,111. i spouted off the answer without even a second thought. all kids: IMPRESSED.

druinok Is it sad that a few months ago I scoffed at the idea of twitter, now I find it a professional lifeline?

samjshah “What kind of pole is short and floppy?” Yes, that is the question of the factoring joke sheet I’m handing out. Guesses about answers?

msgregson kids were especially loud and talkative today … i asked why … they said “because you woke us up with quadratics!!” hah, they are funny.

calcdave The most disappointing thing about presenting a lesson poorly is when the kids don’t even realize.

k8nowak It boggles my mind that geometry kids who want to use the pythagorean thm for EVERYTHING have no ideas for finding the diagonal of a square.

samjshah just started grading a calc exam, and thought “what nice handwriting.” turns out, i was grading the key i created.

samjshah why is it that when i have only 5 tests left to grade, i need to take a break. it’s like running a race, and walking the last 10 feet.

samjshah to which my friends will laugh… sam, run? REALLY? hahaha. yes, i might never have run in my life, but i hold the analogy still rings true.

calcdave How fun is the word “minimum” to write in cursive, eh guys?

SweenWSweens @calcdave What’s cursive?

calcdave @SweenWSweens It’s like recursive, but only once, I think.

alicia_anderson @pepepacha One of my favorite lines: “Twitter is like some huge, noisy teacher’s lounge, like the type I always imagined…”

misscalcul8 Student quote of the day: “This is definitely a ghetto public school; even the teachers rap.” Thank you @SweenWSweens =)

k8nowak #ilostaschoolaptopandibrokemyfingerandmykidsthinksqrt(a^2+b^2)=a+bandi’moutofcl

SweenWSweens @jbrtva @jimwysocki I hide easy extra credit randomly in the middle of directions. They usually learn after they miss it the first time.

k8nowak Spending my evening figuring out why the 7-day exponents/exponential functions unit turned into a 12-day unit in the new Alg2 curriculum.

samjshah @k8nowak your evening sounds … um … well, at least you have your health!

k8nowak @samjshah All the single ladies. Put your hands up.

samjshah @k8nowak don’t the single ladies go to the club? in their dereon jeans? or is it in the 3rd verse they analyze exponent lyrics.

busynessgirl How is it that Calculus students do not know sqrt(1) is 1 ?

k8nowak @busynessgirl You found us out. It’s a big conspiracy. We keep it a secret from them, as a fun little surprise when they get to you.

dcox21“Do I still get a cookie if I apologize?” — Aidan, 4

calcdave @dcox21 I’m sorry, too! (holds out hand)

samjshah” I’m not an English teacher! You can tell because I’m not wearing cool shoes and I don’t give hugs.” –@k8nowak (c. 2009)

amfago today one of my students brought me a chocolate ruler and a chocolate protractor…made my day!

calcdave @amfago You can have 2 inches or 30 degrees of chocolate tonight and save the rest for tomorrow.

divbyzero New Years resolution: do such a good job teaching that my students dump Gatorade over my head at the end of the semester.

k8nowak Moved the trash can next to a (totally silent) girl’s chair about 30 seconds before she threw up. I’d like to see a remote lecturer do that.

k8nowak We have a club for that. It’s called everybody. We meet at the bar. RT @dcox21: RT @shareski: Some days I feel like I suck at my job.

dcox21 .@k8nowak Problem is, I never sucked until I met all you guys. Thanks “everybody.”

CmonMattTHINK @samjshah I was afraid of that ;) Srsly though, I’m not 1/2 the content-machine that, say, @k8nowak is. I fly by the seat of my pants 2 much

k8nowak @CmonMattTHINK You should see me in action. I could open up a miles rewards card for the seat of my pants.

dcox21 Student: “Holy shift! Look at the asymptote on that mother function.” Not sure how to respond.

Fouss @samjshah Told my hubby about your e-mail. He said “Is that the guy who wears the t-shirts?” :)

cannonsr @Fouss I love that your husband knows about the wardrobes of your twitter friends.



  1. Marking scholarship exams one weekend. Found a paper with perfect answers, beautifully explained, well-reasoned and laid out. Turned to the front to see the name… no name. Ran over to Admissions office in a panic “we have to find this girl, she’s a genius” (handwriting was too neat, letters & numbers consistently too well-formed to be a guy, I reasoned).
    Went through all the sign in lists, the English papers to match them up… couldn’t find a name. Admissions secretary came in on Monday, took one look at the paper and said “that’s your writing, Cal”.
    Yeah… I could have gotten a full scholarship to my own school!

  2. amazing! i love it! i hope you keep this up. it’s kind of like #needaredstamp, but better! :) that made my day!

    and yes, @ddmeyer amd @jbrtva, i need to step up my game too.

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