Favorite Tweets #2

I did this a while ago — posted my favorite tweet conversations from days past. Favorite, for me at the moment, doesn’t really mean “advice on teaching” but just random convos. The best kind.

k8nowak @samjshah aw. You like us! You really like us! *hugs*

samjshah @k8nowak naaah, *like* is maybe too strong a word. you guys just keep me slightly amused. paint drying < y’all < reality tv

calcdave @samjshah You do know “Glee” is not reality tv, right?

Fouss @samjshah With that bit of information, you’re kicked out of the club. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

dcox21 @samjshah thanks Sam. Re-mixed them to suit my needs, but borrowed the heck out of your stuff. I’ll send you the remix…for approval.;-)

dcox21 Thanks to @samjshahhttp://img111.yfrog.com/i/vtkl.jpg/

dcox21 @calcdave Yeah, I wrote it as neatly as I could and then placed the kids in just the right place just before taking the pic. ;-)

mctownsley The Teacher Salary Project – teaching is easy…right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czPRKh2ooOY&feature=player_embedded via @scsdmedia

SweenWSweens Not gonna lie: pretty sweet artwork, but I really wish you were paying attention to the related rates lesson. http://brizzly.com/pic/1EJC

k8nowak @JackieB hey for pi day we are planning a ‘family feud’ assembly, and i put on the survey ‘name the teacher that gives the best hugs’ and..

k8nowak @JackieB the frontrunner as well as the second and third highest vote-getters…English. no joke.

k8nowak Just gave a girl a hard time about dropping out of college while buying beer from her. TEACHER OF THE YEAR.

busynessgirl #needaredstamp “It will take me more ink to explain what’s wrong than you used to do this problem in the first place.”

samjshah cool! how to find things that nearly rhyme… if i were musical this would rock… http://www.b-rhymes.com/

calcdave @samjshah My name is Sam which almost rhymes with stamp. These words I amass to teach you all math.

samjshah @calcdave My name is Dave which rhymes with concave. Up in the schoolz, my kidz be amazed. With my crazy calc skillz, ya heard? Word.

sumidiot anybody know a source for this quote about lectures: info from notes of prof to notes of student without passing through mind of either?

samjshah um, how do i feel that justin bieber and luda did a song together? someone tell me because i just can’t figure it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kffacxfA7G4

sig225 @samjshah On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for Justin Bieber. Please, take our Olympic Men’s Hockey gold medal …

jbrtva Guy I know asked me out for coffee…he wanted to tell me that we’re just friends. #didimisssomething?

k8nowak @jbrtva now you invite him for coffee, and inform him you’re not just friends, but mortal enemies. Advise him to sleep with one eye open.

samjshah @k8nowak @jbrtva invite him for coffee, and inform him that you’re not just friends, but in a serious, committed relationship. then propose.

k8nowak @samjshah @jbrtva invite him for coffee and inform you’re not just friends, but actually brother & sister. Expose family’s deepest secret.

samjshah @k8nowak @jbrtva invite him for coffee and inform him you are tyra banks in disguise. scold him for sending mixed signals. KISS MY FAT A**!

samjshah just bought my spring break tickets. SAN FRAN HERE I COME!!! and i am taking virgin atlantic one way there… TV!

dcox21 @samjshah stop by Porterville and I’ll buy you dinner. Best Mexican food north of the border.

samjshah @dcox21 that’s 4+ hours away? NO WAY! wait, did you say you’re buying…

samjshah @dcox21 @k8nowak what are all y’all talking about? i missed some bandwagon. there were probably cupcakes on it, i bet.

k8nowak @dcox21 SSHHHH. Do NOT tell him about the cupcakes!

dcox21 @k8nowak Hey if he’s not willing to take me up on a free dinner, I’m not saying nothin’ about the cupcakes.



    1. Argh! I won’t be in SF long enough — and I’m going with a non-math person — that I don’t have time to dip my toes in the math scene. But thanks for the invite! I might take you up on it if I come longer, at some later date (summer?).

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