Favorite Tweets #3

Here’s #1 and #2. It’s the start of my spring break and I’m about to head to San Francisco to meet up with some high school and college friends. Consequently I won’t have much to blog about for a while. I thought it might be nice to leave with a post of the funniest/best tweets of recent days. There have been a spate of good ones that I’ve been saving.

CardsChic If kids aren’t doing well on these outlines because I didn’t explain it clearly enough, is it bad of me to blanket add 5 pts to all scores?

samjshah @CardsChic sure – give ’em 5 pts. but before that, i would also tell my kids that i feel bad bc i feel i didn’t explain it clearly enough…

samjshah @CardsChic so… so… THEY’RE ALL GETTING A CAR. [massive applause] then be like “oh, wait, actually you’re getting 5 pts bc i messed up.”

dcox21 @samjshah that’s better than outtakes after a movie.

jbrtva Feeling pretty awesome that I made @samjshah‘s Favorite Tweets v.2 post. I must’ve gained funny points in the past couple weeks :-)

samjshah @jbrtva that was my favorite convo EVER. i could have continued that riff for … 10 to 20 years … actually, at least 10 to 20 years.

jbrtva @samjshah With my dating history, you might be able to! :-) That convo made me smile, too.

k8nowak @samjshah @jbrtva next thing you know Sam’s making “invite him for coffee and” t-shirts.

samjshah @k8nowak @jbrtva not a bad idea, not a bad idea at all.

CardsChic @k8nowak @samjshah @jbrtva As long as the back says #didImisssomething?

k8nowak @CardsChic @samjshah @jbrtva Genius. She stays.

CardsChic @k8nowak @samjshah @jbrtva I’m in! Yesssssssssssss! *pumps fist*

dcox21 @samjshah I don’t care if I made your list. I’m still not sharing the cupcakes. #eatingmexicanfoodalone

weemooseus @druinok Its bad when one’s significant other says, “Turn off the teacher!”

dcox21 Jabin requested a diaper change by telling me he had “junk in the trunk.” #fb

samjshah in other news, i got my “i only twitter with math teachers” shirt in the mail today. the gold is REALLY GOLD and the red looks awesome. A+.

samjshah for those who requested the narcissistic photoshoot with my twitter t-shirt: (1.) go here https://samjshah.com/2010/02/22/twitter-t-shirts/ (2.) scroll down (3.) drool

samjshah if you want to make my visage your wallpaper, i understand. i won’t stand in your way.

dcox21 No really, it’s ok to write things down. #needaredstamp

SweenWSweens Did you really think all you needed to do on that calculus question was use basic algebra? #needaredstamp

CmonMattTHINK @k8nowak @samjshah though I must say, while Im unfamiliar with Felicia Day, after visiting her site I have two words and theyre both “hubba”

dcox21 f(x) does not mean f times x. #needaredstamp

k8nowak So on the Family Feud pi day survey, I was the highest vote getter for both “meanest math teacher” and “nicest math teacher”

CardsChic @k8nowak Does this mean you win the Bipolar Teacher of the Year award? Shoot, thought I had that locked up…

Fouss http://twitpic.com/16sggu – Me and @amfago with our cool shirts on!

msgregson @Fouss that’s awesome!!!

Fouss @msgregson @cardschic the kids loved them! That’s all I heard about all day :)

k8nowak For those of you following along at home: IT guy casually mentions “his girlfriend” today.

dansmath @samjshah @k8nowak @JackieB @Fouss @dcox21 @msgregson @cnansen @RobertTalbert @ddmeyer – I HAVE a red stamp! http://img72.yfrog.com/i/e2f.jpg/

k8nowak @cwoody222 Today at Kohl’s I bought underpants from a former student. Fun times.

JackieB “How dare anyone think that you can transform a child if you can’t be transformed yourself” @ChrisLehmann #TEDxNYED

Stelladuma Dan Meyer makes me rethink.

CarissaJuneK hubby just realized that was jake gyllenhall…#stopstaringatrachelmcadams

SweenWSweens Here’s a good one… http://brizzly.com/pic/1NPJ

derekbruff been hovering just under 500 followers for a few days now. determined to hit 500. so: justin bieber.

Fouss @MSeiler try @k8nowak, @msgregson, @samjshah, @calcdave, @dcox21. That should be good for starters. :)

dcox21 @Fouss @mseiler @k8nowak @msgregson @samjshah @calcdave Batting fifth in quite a lineup. ;-)

samjshah @dcox21 first is the worst, second is the best, fifth is … expendable.

dcox21 @samjshah should I tell that to my children?

dcox21 @samjshah Hey wait! Did you just say I’m expendable?

Fouss @dcox21 @samjshah When it’s an all-star lineup, does order really matter? :)

samjshah @dcox21 hahahahaha. your fifth won’t even know what you’re saying. you’re safe. for now.

dcox21 @cannonsr got me. I should clarify…my contract /allows/ me to keep them all. @samjshah‘s logic makes it optional.

dcox21 @samjshah “I’m expendable? But Mr. Shah, look at me.” http://img521.yfrog.com/i/weib.jpg/

cannonsr @dcox21 The picture wins. Can’t trump the baby card.

samjshah @dcox21 omg, that’s WAY too cute. okay, you MUST keep him. but you are NOT allowed to give him sharp objects anymore. NO MORE.

Fouss It may just be the glasses, but Andrew Garcia (contestant on American Idol) reminds me of @samjshah. Anyone else?

jbrtva “What’s the worst part about math jokes? If you get them, you probably don’t have friends” HA! from komplexify.com/blog (via @samjshah buzz)

CmonMattTHINK When trying to plan interesting lessons or projects, I need to keep repeating to myself: The perfect is the enemy of the good.

k8nowak Steven has been silent all year. Today he raises his hand to answer a question. “Whoa, Steven talked!” “Oh yeah. I forgot I don’t do that.”

k8nowak My GR subscribers went up to 600 and then down to 599. First time I ever saw it go down. Knife to the heart, Internet. Knife to the heart.

samjshah @k8nowak don’t tell me you’re complaining about having 599 readers now, SHEESH. talk about DIVA.

k8nowak @samjshah I’m complaining about the instantaneous rate of change. I thought YOU of all people would understand. SHEESH.

samjshah @k8nowak df(t)/dt is negative. Aaaahahshahah.

CmonMattTHINK Somewhere out there in the ether there is a perfect analogy for trying to teach Calc to students who cant do Alg. I’ll come up w/ it someday

Fouss Verifying trig identities today!!! My FAVORITE day of the year!

calcdave @Fouss Haha. In my voice, that sentence would sound sarcastic.

jbrtva @samjshah @calcdave I propose we have a twitter brunch someday..maybe after we all meet at a conference or something. I nominate Sam’s place

k8nowak @jbrtva @samjshah @calcdave I second your nomination.

SweenWSweens @k8nowak @jbrtva @calcdave @samjshah Third. When’s the next big east coast math conference?

dcox21 @k8nowak @jbrtva @samjshah @calcdave You can all come to my house. August is great here. Ask Kate.

k8nowak @dcox21 @jbrtva @samjshah @calcdave it’s the only time to go. The manure odor is at its peak.

dcox21 @k8nowak @jbrtva @samjshah @calcdave Don’t worry, we’ll pen up the cows and pigs for y’all.

samjshah AHHHHH, i lost an hour. did anyone see it? when last seen, it was about 60 minutes. it was holding a lot of errands or some extra sleep.

h_math @samjshah Saw it, liked it so much I kept it. Came in handy.

macsmath Spring forward on pi day?! as a math guy, I feel gypped!!

busynessgirl If you have A=B+C, then when you take the log of both sides, it is log(A)=log(B+C) not log(B)+log(C) #needaredstamp

samjshah one of my students yesterday was using ROTXA and ROTYA to mean “reflect over the x/y axis.” LOVE IT! may start using it. ROTYA 4EVAH!

samjshah today when announcing the top AMC scores to the entire high school, i said “as we are basking in the glowing penumbra [of] pi day…”

k8nowak “Ms Nowak, I can’t measure in mm. This ruler only has in and cm on it.”

k8nowak “Oh. You’re right. Here, hold this while I jump out the window.”

k8nowak Harry: “I programmed my calculator to do law of cosines. Is that ok?” Matt: “YOU’RE A WIZARD, HARRY!”

k8nowak I wonder how long Matt’s been waiting to say that.

dcox21 @samjshah If I can get you to try this, there’s no hope for a carnivorous future. http://img257.yfrog.com/i/wvn.jpg/

samjshah @dcox21 nope, that looks gross. like a liver that someone cut an umbilical cord off of and threw sand on.

dcox21 @samjshah OH YEAH?! Well you just dangled a preposition. So, there!

samjshah @dcox21 what can i say? i live on the wild side when it comes to standard English grammatical practices. I spit on Strunk AND White.

dcox21 @samjshah and I bet you don’t give a &$&% about the Oxford Comma either.

samjshah @dcox21 I’ve seen those English dramas too. They’re cruel.

[note: http://bit.ly/dv3hvd%5D

lpudwell earlier this morning, i was in my office when i overheard the following….

lpudwell student: “professor, i have a question” colleague: “you only get one question per day, and you’ve already used your limit.”

lpudwell student: “oh, sorry.” (starts to walk away) colleague: “wait a minute, come back. i’ll let you ask yesterday’s question.”

samjshah best comment on an article on quantum mechanics: “I both understand & did not understand this article at the same time” http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100317/full/news.2010.130.html#comment-id-9736




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